76ers vs Hawks Odds, Lines & Picks (Nov. 10)

76ers vs Hawks Odds, Lines & Picks (Nov. 10)

Atlanta is favored by 1 point in the 76ers vs Hawks odds on Thursday (Nov. 10)
The Sixers are fresh off an upset victory over Phoenix, while Atlanta fell to Utah last time out
Check out the complete 76ers vs Hawks odds below, plus injury news and best bets

All it took for the Philadelphia 76ers (5-6, 3-2 away) to snap their two-game losing streak was the return of Joel Embiid. The Process sat out last Wednesday and Friday’s losses, but returned with a bang on Monday to lead Philly to an upset win over Phoenix.

Oddsmakers are not banking on another Sixers victory when they clash with Atlanta (7-4, 4-2 home) on Thursday, as they pegged the Hawks as the home chalk in the NBA odds.

76ers vs Hawks Odds


Philadelphia 76ers
+1 (-110)

Atlanta Hawks
-1 (-110)

Odds as of November 9 at FanDuel Sportsbook. Claim the FanDuel Sportsbook promo code to bet on the 76ers vs Hawks game.

Atlanta is currently a 1-point favorite, in a contest without a total as of Wednesday night. Tip-off is scheduled for 7:30 pm ET at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, GA, with NBA TV providing the broadcast coverage.


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Philadelphia 76ers Betting Analysis

Embiid poured in 33 points in his return, and grabbed 10 rebounds. He missed the previous three games with the flu, and was struggling to regain his stamina during practice. You’d never know it given his performance on Monday, as he also added five assists and was a perfect 16-of-16 from the free throw line.

33 PTS | 10 REB | 5 AST

do your thing, 21, do your thing. ?

? presented by @palottery pic.twitter.com/TyDJtlEsxI

— Philadelphia 76ers (@sixers) November 8, 2022

The 76ers played their second straight game without James Harden, who’s out for a month, and with one of their offensive stars down Georges Niang stepped up. Niang buried seven triples on his way to 21 points, while Tobias Harris also chipped in 21.

Embiid’s presence had a big impact at the defensive end as well, as Philly turned in one of its better defensive performances. They held the Suns to their lowest point total of the season, while forcing 15 turnovers and limiting them to just six offensive boards.

De’Anthony Melton earned high praise for his defensive work against Devin Booker, finishing plus-12 while on the floor as Booker’s primary defender. He’ll be expected to handle one of Trae Young or Dejounte Murray on Thursday, who’ve both been phenomenal this season.

The 76ers enter play with the league’s fifth best scoring defense, while also ranking top-10 in steals. Offensively, they rank 11th in offensive rating, and fourth in three-point efficiency.

2023 NBA Playoff Bracket: Seedings, Matchups and ScheduleRead More

Atlanta Hawks Betting Analysis

The Hawks meanwhile, are fresh off having their three-game winning streak snapped. They fell 125-119 to Utah on Wednesday, as Murray led the way with 26 points in a losing effort.

Atlanta became the first team to knock off Milwaukee in their previous game, but struggled defensively versus the Jazz. They allowed a 47% field goal percentage and a 44% mark from beyond the arc.

Those numbers appear to be outliers though, as the the Hawks have been strong in their own end all season. They rank third in opponent effective shooting percentage, and were number one at defending triples prior to their contest with Utah.

Dejounte Murray’s last 5 games:
25.0 PPG – 5.4 RPG – 8.0 APG

Trae Young’s last 5 games:
28.6 PPG – 3.0 RPG – 8.8 APG pic.twitter.com/fGTcDv2wZl

— NBACentral (@TheNBACentral) November 6, 2022

Offensively, the Murray and Young tandem has been exceptional. The duo came into action on Wednesday each averaging over 25 points and eight assists over their past five games, with Young gaining steam in the NBA MVP odds.

The Hawks rank sixth in scoring, and top-eight in both fast break points and points in the paint. Only four teams shoot a higher percentage from the charity stripe, while no squad has a better assist-to-turnover ratio.

On the injury front, shooting guard Bogdan Bogdanovic has yet to play all season as he recovers from a knee injury and will sit out Thursday as well.

76ers vs Hawks Prediction

There’s some value here on the Hawks as short home favorites. They may be on a back-to-back, but the combo of Young and Murray are an absolute nightmare for any team to defend. Atlanta also has plenty of size up front with John Collins and Clint Capela, and they should be able to at least make life difficult for Embiid in the paint.

Without Harden, Tyrese Maxey is running the Sixers offense from the point and even his own coach admits the third year guard lacks vision. Harden was averaging a league-best 10 assists per game, six more than Maxey, while Maxey’s 1.8 assist-to-turnover ratio is by far the worst mark of his young career.

Pick: Atlanta Hawks -1 (-110)












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Author: Austin Williams