I must say, something different and good for the barber industry. Thank you.
— @jairthebarber
Love this! Keep up the good work!
— @barberapp
Can’t wait to watch! Proud to be a barber.
— Paul Young
Looking great.... love it!!!
— Sheenah Singh

We're taking you on a trip through one of America's oldest pastimes... one of the world's oldest establishments... and one of our oft treasured monuments.  A barber is a bridge to a new version of you, but what makes them tick?  

Come and discover the lives and passions of The American Barber.

My father was a barber in a small town in Iowa for greater than 45 years. My favorite times when I was a child was to sit in the barbershop on Saturdays visiting the men and watch the amazing craft of a hot foam shave. My father always jokingly said he was the last of a dying breed. So thrilled this craft is making a comeback!
— Sandra Rieger